Monday, October 18, 2010

Impressive impasto

So Jan and I were taking a lovely Sunday walk around town, and we walked past a gallery that I usually don't particularly like.

But it currently has a show that literally stopped my in my tracks - we had to go in to get a closer look. Here's one example from the gallery's website:

Or this one:

But what you can't really tell from these images is that you have to get right up to it, like this:

Crazy, amazingly controlled impasto! Robert Terry is the artist, an American who lives and works in New York (*sigh*).

And I'm such a sucker for fall scenes.

I took a few of my own pictures with my cell phone, but I lost the darn cord that lets you upload pics to the, yeah. Maybe I'll update this post later, if I ever resolve that issue.

Anyway, truly stunning artwork, and if I had 10,000-some bucks lying around, I would totally be tempted to buy. So Stockholmers: get thee to Lars Bohman Gallery (before November 5th).

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