Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Allow me to boast about one more, small moment of awesomeness...

Take a good look at this page from a Swedish interiors magazine:

Notice anything familiar? (Of course not. No worries. But I did!) Let's take a closer look:

My calendar!

One of my more enjoyable freelance illustration projects of late was the KFUM/KFUK (Swedish scouting organization) 2008 calendar, a fundraiser that's been distributed in the same format since the 1940s. (So many Swedes have fond childhood associations with this calendar, like being chosen among classmates to affix the color illustration stamp onto the next month.) I have a couple of images from that project in my online portfolio, here and here.

I guess you never know where your work will pop up!

Here's the cover of the magazine:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peanut Quiz

I received another moment of awesomeness in the mailbox recently that I'd love to share*: a letter from Holland, a Peanut fan in Florida.

Check it out.

She even included a fabulous self-portrait:

But the real treat is this three-page quiz to test reading comprehension (and beyond!):

*with special thanks to my talented friend Kate, who earned an A+ on the quiz