Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Well, it's definitely November. There's been so little actual sunlight, my skin is becoming translucent. No, not the deathly pale skin that seems to be all the rage. More like Mr. Goodbody.

But Halloween went pretty well this year--every year, it's apparent my favorite holiday is becoming bigger and bigger here in Stockholm. There were costume parties all over, and pumpkin sales were brisk. Speaking of which, here is how the selection of pumpkins looked at my local grocery store:

Let's zoom in on the price sticker on the misshapen, top pumpkin, shall we?

Yup, you're seeing it correctly. 1000 kronor. Which is equivalent to about $140. For that freaky, not particularly large pumpkin?! Needless to say, as someone who grew up in Ohio with a pumpkin farm just up the road, I was horrified. I was going to boycott buying one out of principle, but then we found a more reasonably priced, smaller pumpkin at another grocery store on the way out to the country house, so I caved. Jan carved it, and I realized that other than sugar overdose, the pumpkin is the most essential ingredient for making an authentic Halloween. Clearly, my almost-namesake was onto something.

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