Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Books on Display

Passing through Sturegallerian a few weeks ago, I came upon this store, just outside the entrance toward Stureplan:

Yup, that pillar is made of books.

I'm of two minds on this--on one hand, it's sort of sad to see books emasculated and relegated to the status of "clothing-store decorative element".

(Okay, I don't *know* that they have damaged the books in creating this pillar, but I'm guessing they've probably stuck a rod or two into the column, or glued the books together somehow, to keep it all safe for shoppers.)

On the other hand, knowing how many books are destroyed ("pulped") all the time in warehouses when they don't sell fast enough, I'm not so bothered by the idea. I guess they might as well be repurposed for something like this, and heck, having books on display in public spaces is fundamentally positive, no?

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