Monday, May 18, 2009

Sprucing Up

This weekend, Jan and I were out at the house, pouring concrete for our patio-type-area in the back, when I made an earth-shattering, two-part discovery (that will undoubtedly prove that I'm anything but the sharpest tool in the shed). 

Did you know that spruce trees have blooms that look like this: 


Okay, I know that in the photo it looks like that could be a regular cone, but it's so not, it's bright red. Kinda magenta-ish.

I will freely admit that I did not know that spruces bloom like that. And yes, I am turning thirty years old this summer.

BUT, also, did you know that if you shake the blooming branch, it's like a pollen bomb? Good times were had, Linas walking around tapping random branches to make gymnosperm clouds.

Like I said, good times.

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