Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Momondo: Swedish National Romantic Architecture

My latest contribution has just been published, please check it out! This time, it's a sampling of some of the most intimidating buildings in Stockholm, all borne out of nationalistic sentiments, long ago...

Also, be sure to drop by Monica Wellington's blog, where she has a roundup of recently-published books by those of us who have taken her fabulous class at the School of Visual Arts (both GAY AMERICA and BOB are listed). 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sprucing Up

This weekend, Jan and I were out at the house, pouring concrete for our patio-type-area in the back, when I made an earth-shattering, two-part discovery (that will undoubtedly prove that I'm anything but the sharpest tool in the shed). 

Did you know that spruce trees have blooms that look like this: 


Okay, I know that in the photo it looks like that could be a regular cone, but it's so not, it's bright red. Kinda magenta-ish.

I will freely admit that I did not know that spruces bloom like that. And yes, I am turning thirty years old this summer.

BUT, also, did you know that if you shake the blooming branch, it's like a pollen bomb? Good times were had, Linas walking around tapping random branches to make gymnosperm clouds.

Like I said, good times.

Life in Sweden: The Cavalry Arrives

Okay, so I'm going out from the apartment/studio to grab some lunch, and lo and behold:

Sweden has been invaded by Kaiser Wilhelms

As uniforms go, you have to admit these are pretty lame (sorry, Jonas!). But at least it's just the cavalry that mosies around this neighborhood--downtown, they're constantly closing down traffic for the martial marching band. When I see them, it always makes me feel like getting a hot dog--I mean, it's halftime, right?