Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Momondo: Patricia

I've been lucky/cursed with a whole deluge of freelance work these past couple weeks, so I'm still struggling to get back to this blog. Of course, in just a day I'll be heading off to southern France for a wedding (congratulations, Delphine and Sige!!). After that, I'll be enjoying a whole week in Barcelona. I canNOT wait--it's been so long since I've been to Spain (not counting the Canaries, um, illogically), and I've never been to this part of it before. Bert and Francisco will be going with us, and they know their way around town, so it'll be my favorite kind of trip: the kind that requires no planning or effort on my part. 

Meanwhile (and speaking of Bert and Frasse), I am pleased to direct you all to one of the several freelance pieces I've been working on: Momondo just posted my latest contribution, "Dancin' till Dawn on the Booze Cruise". It's about Patricia, naturally. Enjoy!

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