Monday, March 23, 2009

What Shamelessly Boring People Do

It had been a few weeks since Jan and I were last able to go our little house in Stockholm's archipelago, so we were jonesin' to get back there this weekend. Plus, with spring becoming more and more palpable*, I was getting stressed out: we had bought birdhouses, but we still hadn't put them up! 

Fear not, Jan to the rescue:

We were really psyched the next day because there was a nuthatch that kept checking them out, hopefully scouting his/her new nesting site...

Plus, I'm really hoping that bats move into the bat house we put up last year (photo from July):

Our friend the roe deer came by, as usual, with his strange, fuzzy antlers.

Also, we'll soon be getting new, improved power lines, so we had to figure out exactly where we want the new pole--the existing location is a total eyesore. 

It was nice to see a woodpecker trying to get rid of one of the old ones (I hear ya, buddy). 

We just got a new camera recently, so we were playing around with it. (But you guessed that already, didn't you?)

Mostly, we just chilled. Here's us taking in the view of our little valley while listening to public radio podcasts:

And Jan napped on The Most Comfortable Couch In The Universe.

love it there.

* What? I'm choosing to ignore the snow outside. If it doesn't get the attention it wants, it will go away.


  1. I just love your house in Sollenkroka.
    Make me want to be in Stockholm, now!