Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Forward

*cue chirping of birds*

It's spring (almost)! Yup, as those wacky Stateside Americans turned their clocks this weekend, we in Sweden were enjoying a sustained period of balmy weather (I think it got up to 3 degrees! Yes, Celsius.). 

Well, Jan and I got into the vernal spirit and started some seeds for our balcony garden this summer--now that we'll actually have a balcony this summer. 

Let's see: we got some balcony-specific tomatoes.

And we got some cucumbers for pickling. And radishes. And lettuce.

And...chocolate tomatoes.

Um, and...we got some tiny fake cucumbers. 

"Jungle cucumbers", anyone? Actually, I like the common names in English that Wikipedia gives them: "mouse melon", "Mexican miniature watermelon", "cucamelon", and "Mexican sour cucumber". 

Then this morning we woke up....

...to this.

*cue shaking of fist at sky*

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