Friday, March 20, 2009

Life in Sweden: Plucky Decor

The first day of spring, and apparently it's snowing in New York. Well it isn't snowing here in Stockholm (though it was yesterday, a bit), but today I did get reminded that it's almost Easter:

Because nothing says Easter like...

Day-glo-dyed feathers tied to sticks! 


This, friends, is Sweden's odd contribution to Easter decor. Jan explained that you're supposed to put the sticks in water, so you get sproutage when Easter rolls around. The first time I saw them, I thought they were hilariously stupid.

Okay, I still think they're hilariously stupid.


  1. oh i can just picture you doubling over in a fit of laughter over this.

    what exactly is "sproutage" though? sproutage of more feathers?

  2. Sproutage: sprouting leaves and stuff. I think most of them are pussy willow branches, though, so I guess "fuzzy stuff".

  3. They are ridiculous. Ugly, too. The husband isn't too keen on them, thankfully. I like much better branches without the feathers, with buds that turn into flowers. Very graceful and Japanesey.