Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life in Sweden: Blackouts

At our last apartment in Gamla Stan (Stockholm's Old Town), I spent way too much time wondering why certain windows were covered and painted over in buildings across the street:

I mean, why block out what appear to be preexisting windows at this latitude, where sunlight is more precious than first-borns? (Er--so I've heard.) Especially in Gamla Stan, which isn't exactly full of wide streets? Especially at street level? 

In the age of triple-glazing, the heat-escaping R-factor of the building shouldn't be a huge consideration. And yet whenever the facades are renewed every few years, they don't reinstall real windows. Why? 

And yet, it's not an uncommon phenomenon here:

But what particularly I love about this last example, located in Östermalm, is that there is no apparent logic to where the fake windows are placed. Like, why didn't they paint a couple of windows up here:

Especially considering the attention to detail they showed here:


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  1. I love this post. What an attention to detail you pay. I need to check those out next time I'm in Stockholm.