Monday, February 16, 2009

Dancin' on the Tracks

I wanted to add to my earlier post about warning signs.

This is a part of the sticker you find on all the doors to the subway cars in Stockholm:

I think it's supposed to tell you to *not* get your arm caught in the subway door (?!), but the body language of the dude doesn't seem particularly negative to me. To me, it looks like he's shuffling off to Buffalo--they should add little motion lines to indicate jazz hands.

And then right above it is this hilarious image:

Um, hilarious because I'm apparently still eleven. (Lesson: Don't tiptoe over Peeping Toms?)


  1. Linas,
    you would love the signs in the Tokyo metro, they change every month. Check this out, just before Valentine's day:

  2. I love that sign! (Although I couldn't figure out what it was trying to say without reading it...Don't be lovey-dovey?) :)

  3. exactly, you should exchange chocolates at home and pay more attention to the poor old man who needs a seat.

    If you want to practise your swedish and learn about Tokyo, you should read my friend Marias blogg.