Tuesday, January 20, 2009




Oh, don't give me that look. A personal blog? Why?! Like there aren't enough personal blogs in the world that no one reads? 

Who. Honestly. Cares.

Wellll...maybe somebody. Or not. In any case, I figure this is a good way to keep a "diary" for myself, as well as an easy way  to share updates on my expat life for people I know and love back in the States. 

Hopefully, though, this will be of some interest to people I don't already know, especially people who have found their way here because of shared interests (i.e., children's books--especially mine!, current events, the struggle for lgbtq equality, the overlap between nature and urban life, design, parrots, etc.--yeah yeah I know the list is random and wide-ranging. Whatever, I'm human.) Y'all don't have to read everything, that's what preview windows in feed readers are for. 
*sticks out tongue* 

Anyway, I imagine this thing will mutate and evolve as time goes by. Or go extinct--hard to say.


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