Sunday, January 25, 2009

Achtung, Baby

I really love warning signs that include pictures. I think it's because they go beyond just issuing safety alerts--like many a Victorian-era picture book, they go ahead and tell a story about an unfortunate someone who just didn't listen (at least in my mind). Take this sign near our house in the archipelago, where the road becomes a quay when you reach the water:

I feel like it should have a soundtrack somehow--"bam bam BAMMMM!" (Or maybe Debbie Downer's  "wah-wahhhhh"...)

One of my all-time favorite examples of these signs is located in the elevator of our friends' apartment building. We went over there for a lovely dinner party last night, and I realized that because they're moving in a couple months, I had to be sure to take a photo (sorry, it's a little fuzzy):

Yup, I'm sold. No taking tall, wheeled containers into the elevator.


  1. I love that "don't let yer trashcan go over the line or ya could get choked and die" sign they have in elevators, too. It always makes me laugh if I look at it.

  2. The warning sign in elevator is funny. Though, most elevators are equipped with sensors that detect your movement, the sign is scary enough to not let you attempt it.